​Welcome, ​Beta-Tester​!


​Training, advice & support for new and experienced makers to master skills & build confidence. 


​​In early August, you were contacted and invited to participate as a beta-tester for my membership club for stained glass makers, and you accepted. Thank you so much! 

​I have ​big dreams of helping many people get more out of their glass hobby. Be it creating bigger, better, badder creations or simply to learn more about their craft so that they can enjoy their time creating even more. Less frustrations might be all some are looking for. 

Please scroll down and check out the page for what the membership is all about. ​

​If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

​Introducing the Make Stained Glass Club

The Club teaches essential knowledge and includes skills training for stained glass hobbyists.

It's a membership all about stained glass!

And it's packed with in-depth, practical training, tips and resources on all aspects of creating amazing stained glass projects.


Discover the feeling of great satisfaction and joy in creating beautiful, detailed, structurally sound projects; in both large and small formats.

Understand why things happen the way they do, so you can create what you want with the clarity in knowing what to do and when.

​Get excited about trying new projects and ​increase your confidence with clear and simple step-by-step instructions and the ​guidance to make them.

Find help​ & inspiration all in one place with the combined knowledge ​& experience of a community of ​creatives who are there to support one another.

Grow ​and develop your creative side so you can pair colours and glass choices more easily and ​watch your artistic skills ​flourish.

​Achieve more consistent results​ by ​learning what's most important in every step of the process, making all subsequent steps easier and therefore, ​faster.

Meet the Founder of Make Stained Glass

Hi, I'm Samantha Calder - the owner and artist at Living Sun Glass studio - where I've spent years teaching and guiding hundreds of new & experienced hobbyists to grow their confidence and create wonderful stained glass projects.

With over 13 years experience with stained glass and almost 20 years in customer service, I have a proven track record of helping ​ great customers achieve wonderful & amazing results.

Being struck with a balance disorder in 2013 ​brought the inability to teach as regularly as I was, and that's when the idea of venturing into the online world came about. 2016 unfolded the concept of creating a membership site as a way to share my knowledge and expertise with even more makers while they learn this exciting art form from home​.

​​​​Reader Feedback​

"Just wanted to say thanks for the repair tutorial. I enjoyed watching it. I have done many repairs but didn’t ever take the foil off along the broken piece alone. I always ended up having to redo both sides as I would peel off both sides. So thanks for this. Makes a lot more sense. The longer I do glass the more I learn. Been in it for 35 years and still learning."

Em Warner, Online Reader


  • ​Tutorials
  • ​Videos
  • ​Live q & A
  • ​Courses
  • ​Art Challenges

​Art Challenges

​Push your skills and have fun participating in member-only art challenges.

​​Participate in art challenges designed to help you grow as a glass artist. Want extra advice on your art challenge project? Post your questions in the private forum.

​All Club Members Get Immediate Access to:


The reason this site is referred to as a "Club" and not an "Academy" is because it's intended to be a community.  It's a place to ask your questions, get feedback, share ideas and get to know other like minded stained glass makers right inside the club. (No social media accounts required!)

Make Stained Glass members have a whole range of skills and wonderful personalities, and they make the community forum a great and friendly resource that's available 24/7.

Reach out for help, or ​meet other makers like you.


There are multiple libraries of training material​ for you to consume as soon as you join. Visit the document library with printable checklists and resources to help you, the tutorial library for step-by-step instructions, and the pattern library to choose your next project. Look over my shoulder and watch how I do things in the video vault and find tips and trick in the quick wins ​library.

Learn what you need, when you need it.

​...All of this and much more ONLY inside the club

​Real Hobbyists Making ​Stained Glass

"Samantha is a great teacher and is very knowledgeable. I recommend her highly. I have taken the beginners course twice, not because I didn’t learn the first time - always room for improvement and learning more - but because I wanted to do more."

Colleen, Glengarry, Ontario

"I love taking workshops with Samantha. After every course I'm excited and cannot get over how much  I learned from her. I highly recommend taking courses with her."  

Lucie, St-Eugene, Ontario

​Here's​ ​The ​Scoop

​The​ club is ​set to go live ​October 1, 2018, and having some helpful folks (that's you!) go through the site and test everything out to make sure it's all working as it should, is where I'm at. So, this means that if you are accepting this offer, you need to be committed to testing out the site ​AND providing feedback. ​

All conversations will take place inside the club forum. If you aren't familiar with forums, think of it as having access to multiple conversations in Facebook on one screen. It's quite simple really.

​Once inside the membership, head to the "Dashboard" and​ there, you'll find a welcome video. You can watch that to get a tour of the club, find out where things are and how to get around inside. 

I will be adding more content while the club is still in test mode. This is because I want to test out how things show up and how the notifications to you for new content​ works. 

Your feedback on how everything works, looks, how easy it is to use/understand and suggestions for improvement are crucial. Please don't be worried about hurting my feelings as this is all about making the club  the best I can for it's users. It's all about you and making the club simple to use and helping you achieve your goals with stained glass.

As a thank you for your active participation and feedback, I will provide you with access for ​FREE until October 31st, 2018. After that time, you are welcome to ​continue your membership as a paying customer or leave the club. It's completely your choice.

IMPORTANT: If you already purchased the Glass Cutting Essentials course, you'll have access to it through the Make Stained Glass club. Just send me a quick email after you have signed up and I'll manually trigger the course access for you. ​

If this all sounds good to you and you want in, just click the button below and we'll get started.

See you inside,


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​Frequently Asked Questions

​Not sure if Make Stained Glass is right for you? Still have some questions?​ Let's see is I can answer them here for you...

​Is the Make Stained Glass club a good fit for all skill levels?

​What if I haven't started creating with glass yet?

​Is all of the training material available right away?

​How do I access the Club and all of it's training material?

​​Can I ask questions and get help on my own projects? ​

​What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

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