Scrappy Birds

​Stained Glass ​Scrappy Birds​Watch Time: 1hr In this workshop, we will explore how to make​ fun and creative little scrappy birds. There are no patterns to follow AND you get to use your scrap ​glass!

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Dimensional Calla Lily Tutorial

​Dimensional Calla Lilly Tutorial​This tutorial project explains how to create depth in your project using a layering or “puffed” style/technique. Print out the pattern included in the tutorial download and you’ll find a brief explanation included. However, there is a video ​to show you exactly how to put this project together, step-by-step.

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Glass Craft Paints for Stained Glass

 Watch Time: 2hrs ​​In this Workshop that was recorded live, we​ looked at the uses of glass paints and how you can easily incoporate glass craft paint into stained glass projects​. You’ll learn how to paint simple designs on Easter Egg Projects and see the different types of paint in action.  ​A Handy Reference List of […]

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Black Patina for Zinc

​Adding Black Patina to Zinc Came​Watch Time: 32 mins.  Watch a short demonstration on how to apply black patina to zinc to get an even and dark black finish.  ​During the stream, a question was posed about whether or not copper patina was available for use on zinc came. I wasn’t certain of the answer […]

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