Finding the Right Craft Show

Lesson 2

If you're looking for them, craft shows will pop up all over the place especially when it's around holidays like Mother's Day and Christmas. You'll also find outdoor festivals and fairs during the summer and fall. And, if you​ have a community of artists near you, you may be able to join a gallery art show or participate on an art tour.

When selling your work at events or venues, it’s best to attend a shows at least once as a visitor before deciding to sign on as a vendor. This is extremely helpful for many reasons.

By visiting an event as a customer...

• It gets you familiar with the location and the style of the event.
• It allows you to see the volume of traffic or buyers that are passing through.

•You have a chance to see what other items are being sold at the event. You want to find out if there are other fine crafts being sold, like perhaps wood-turning, pottery …..things that are handmade with much skill and may likely sell for more money. If everyone is selling trinket items for $2 and $3, it's likely not the right fit for selling your stained glass.

You can look around at what types of things are selling well and get an idea of price points that seem to work well for this event. For example, are people buying lots of items in the $75 to $125 range? This way, you’ll know that people are willing to spend money on bigger purchases,  and you can tailor your offerings to include pieces around this price range and vise versa. If people aren’t spending more than $30 per item, you know that smaller suncatcher and ornaments might be a better selling item for you at this event.

Is everything handmade? Not all craft shows require things to be handmade and it’s nice to know ahead of time so that you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

It's great to speak with sellers because you can find out how they like the show, and ask them if they do this as a hobby or full-time business. This will give you more information on which to gauge any other responses they give you. If it's a hobby,  they may be happy with making $100 for a day or the weekend. If they are pursuing their craft as a business, $100 for a weekend is costing them money. This will give you more perspective on any interactions they may have with you.

Gather up as many details as you can, jot them all down and then you'll have them for future reference. Be sure to find out the contact information of the organizer as well as the cost of fees and the time an application is due.

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