Collecting Payments

Lesson 5

​The whole idea of selling your work is to ​earn some money, right? So you need to put some thought into collecting payments. 

Cash is always great, but not everyone carries it with them and if they do, they may not have enough. Plus, with cash, you need to make sure you have enough of a float to be able to break bills all day long. Be sure to bring enough smaller bills and coins to get you through the day.

But what happens if your customers want to pay with a credit card? Well, I've been using the Square credit card reader for many years now, and I still do.

The Card reader is easy to use and conveniently plugs into the headphone jack on your cell phone. Setting up an account is simple and straightforward and their fees are very competitive. At the time of writing this post, the credit card transaction fee is 2.65% and the debit tap feature  for interac is $0.10 per transaction.


If you want to get setup and receive your first $1,000 of sales without transaction fees in your first 180 days, use this link to get started: Sign Up a Square Account

Another really handy feature about the Square Up app, is that you can load inventory into it.

So let's say you have 2 hummingbird designs that you’re selling for $45 each and you have 3 sailboat for $30 each. You can input this information into your Square Dashboard (from phone or computer) before you even go to the show. When you're at the show, if someone is buying one of these items, you simply choose it from a list and then once you process the transaction, your inventory will be reduced by the quantity you sold.

You can send receipts by email or text, and you can also track all of your cash sales too!

It’s a very handy service to use.

Square has also recently added an invoice feature. So if you're selling a custom order, you can process a payment for the deposit on the spot, and then you can later create an invoice to send to the customer by email for them to pay the balance or the next installment whenever it's due.

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