After the Craft Fair

Lesson 6

​Once the show is complete and you're all packed up, give yourself a pat on the back. You've just completed an amazing feat! (You may also need to rest a bit. Lol )

Craft fairs are hard work and can have long hours involved with preparation, attendance and cleaning up and sorting everything out after.

With everything put away and having had a chance to rest up, it's time to look back over the event and record some information. Keeping track of the event, the volume of your sales, and the number of which items sold, will help you prepare again for the show next year if you decide to do it again.

Take note of anything extra that you could have used in the way of supplies or gear for the show and write it down. Your memory might be good, but 12 months from now when you’re getting ready for the show again, you may have forgotten those important details.

Craft shows may look easy, but a lot goes into them.  By planning ahead, keeping good notes, and a little bit of persistence, they will get easier.

Believe in yourself and keep putting yourself out there. Success doesn't  usually happen overnight and there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing first hand how much someone loves what you do!

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