Soldering 101

2 Chapters 8 Lessons

About this course

Want to create beautiful solder seams?


With the Soldering 101 course, you can learn how to finesse your skills.


This course will walk you through the important concepts you need to understand and practice to become skilled and confident with soldering.


If you're looking to learn how much solder to use, how to run a smooth bead on the first pass, or want clear and simple instructions on how to break down each step, and all of the fundamentals of how to make it look great no matter your technique or current skill level, this course is what you're looking for.


It will teach you the hidden secrets you need to take your copper foil soldering to a whole new level.


Course Structure


Fundamentals Of Soldering

Introduction to soldering

Welcome to Soldering 101!

Get the scoop on what you're going to learn, what you'll need and why I created this course.


Soldering Wire & Zinc Came

Tinning Wire & Adding Hooks

Learn 3 different ways to make hooks for suncatchers. This lesson also demonstrates how to tin copper wire.

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