Grinding Basics

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This lesson will introduce you to the glass grinding stage of the process. We'll cover basic introductions to these machines and how to care for them. There will be videos to show you some best practices as well as some practice exercises. 

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Grinder Basics 6 Lessons


Welcome to Grinder Basics!

Unboxing of Glastar Super Star II

This video was recorded to give an overview of what a glass grinder and some of it's accessories look like. All makes and models are different, but they are all very similar in their functions.

All About Grinder Bits

An overview of some of the different types of bits and what they are used for.

Setup & Clean Your Grinder

Learning to care for your equipment is important, especially considering the cost of replacing your machine. This video lesson will show you how to properly setup and clean your glass grinder.

How to Grind Glass

This lesson will demonstrate how to grind glass using your grinder and provide an exercise to get you comfortable with using it.

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