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The Founder

​I'm Samantha Calder - the owner and artist at Living Sun Glass studio - where I've spent years teaching and guiding hundreds of new & experienced hobbyists to grow their confidence and create wonderful stained glass projects.

I started my glass business in 2006 and since then, I've been helping great customers achieve wonderful & amazing results in their own artwork while continuing to expand my techniques and also sell my art.

Being struck with a balance disorder in 2013 brought the inability to teach as regularly as I wanted and also the inability to participate in shows and festivals. That's when the idea of venturing into the online world came about. 

Samantha Calder Living Sun Glass

​My disability opened my eyes to a new​ world and in 2016, the concept of creating a membership site as a way to share my knowledge and expertise with even more makers while they learn this exciting art form from home, came to mind.  Since then, I've focused on learning the best way to deliver a great online learning experience for you.

​Join ​the Club!

The time for ​struggling on your own is over, Make Stained Glass is here to help!

​Subscribe for a membership and get new patterns and tutorials ​each month, and gain access to other trainings, a community forum and also get​ one on one help.

If you aren't sure about becoming a paying member just yet, that's okay! Be sure to check out the free trainings on my blog over at Living Sun Glass and hop on my newsletter list and receive a free soldering tips video​ right away.

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